About the Lab

We are the brainchild of musicians

Founded by composer and musician Steve Garland, the Jingle Lab specializes in composing and producing advertising jingles. The Jingle Lab focuses on custom “high recall” jingles, the kind with a catchy melody and lyrics that people can remember easily – often the type of jingle people call an ear worm, which helps your brand stick with people long after they’ve heard your tune on the radio. Selling your brand story in an entertaining way creates the emotional glue people need to feel something about your company. From home improvement companies like HVAC and plumbing contractors, to auto dealerships, attorneys, and more, we create versatile, unique musical styles to match the category and personality of the company.  

The Jingle Lab is the production arm of parent company SGM Advertising, and together they work seamlessly with clients to create memorable jingles that will work in a variety of media ads, especially radio. The Jingle Lab handles the jingles and creative radio production, while SGM Advertising helps clients with marketing strategies, media buying that ensures the best rates and schedules, and month to month management of your media advertising anywhere nationwide.  Too many companies use multiple sales reps across many stations to do their radio advertising, and the truth is you don’t really know if they are really giving you the best rates, the ideal ad schedule, or the skilled ad production you deserve. We can fix that for you. With over 3,000 radio spots produced since 1987, and over 200 commercial jingles airing across the country, you can count on The Jingle Lab and SGM Advertising to help you fulfill all of your advertising needs.

The Jingle Lab Difference:

Many jingle companies use pre-recorded jingles and music tracks that have been sold from market to market for years. They sell these jingles over and over again, stripping the old vocals and re-packaging them as new. These kinds of jingles sound very generic, and are rarely successful in making a lasting impression in the mind of the consumer. To the listener, this generic style of jingle is like musical wallpaper, the song equivalent of the parsley that comes on your plate with a meal – boring, predictable, and forgettable. Nothing about it helps it to stick in the mind of a potential customer. 

At The Jingle Lab, every jingle we produce is a new, customized, one-of-a-kind product for each client. We take into account your company’s objective, positioning statements, and personality, then infuse that with your preferred musical style to hand-tailor a completely original jingle just for your business. We’ve done rock, pop, country, orchestrations, and lots of things in between – always a style that matches the brand and the client. More often than not, listeners will gladly get on board with any style of music – so long as it’s memorable – because it’s a jingle! Our goal is to make a jingle for you that creates a musical connection with the consumer, building your company’s name and product into a song that sticks in their mind that they find themselves humming days later – that’s how we make your brand stick. If we ever do re-use any jingle bed, it’s one that has been freshly created, proven successful, and may be used in a different unlicensed market.

About Steve Garland:

In addition to being CEO of SGM Advertising, Steve Garland is a musician and composer, with a long history in the worlds of both radio and music. With the unusual background of being a musician and the son of a plumber, after learning the plumbing trade Steve started his career as a touring musician, recording and touring with bands in the late 70s and early 80s. From there he segued into being a rock radio personality, eventually transitioning into running the stations as well. Around this time he also forayed into corporate voice work, becoming the voice for companies like Apple, Creative Labs, and Sun Microsystems. 

After running several radio stations, Steve used his knowledge of media and marketing to open his ad agency, SGM Advertising, and its sister company The Jingle Lab. Specializing in the home services industry, they have helped clients around the country improve their brand awareness and annual revenue with aggressive and powerful marketing strategies, utilizing a mix of jingles, great ad copy and production, and smart media buys. 

Steve understands how a jingle works within the structure of an ad campaign, as well as how it works from the perspective of a composer, and works closely with clients to understand their needs, making sure they are satisfied with their jingle alongside their overall media campaigns. 

To stay sharp musically, Steve continues to perform live for audiences around Northern California, with VIVA SANTANA, a tribute to Santana, and continues to write and produce original music as The SGB, with songs in rotation on streaming channels worldwide. He also hosts two streaming podcasts: an interview show called “Celeb-Buzz,” and a music podcast streaming worldwide on www.famoushitslive.com


Marketing and Jingle Awards

  • 11 Gold  “Best commercial” Addy Awards
  • 9 Gold  “Best Jingle” Addy Awards
  • 3 “Most innovative marketing” Awards


The Jingle Lab Team

The quality of any result is driven by the talent, creativity, and determination of the team.