Sell Jingles

Steve Talking to crew

Happy clients and better advertising through music– with The Jingle Lab!

The Jingle Lab is a jingle and radio production company owned and operated by SGM Advertising. Although we usually manage all the facets of marketing for our clients, occasionally we are sought out to produce jingles for other ad agencies. If you’re an ad agency, we can offer you a custom sales package to present to your clients. 

We’ve done work for national ad agencies producing jingles for clients like 1-800 Loan Mart, The Golden 1 Credit Union, and many more, with the same Jingle Lab hallmarks of  customization and attentiveness to the client’s needs. Jingles from The Jingle Lab have been used by outside sellers and agencies to:

  • Provide better branding and production value to their client
  • Present a fresh idea to their client – using our assets and real success stories
  • Package an annual advertising plan with a jingle to guarantee better results

If you’re looking for a custom jingle to help your client improve their brand recall and sound as big as their competition, reach out to us via our live chat feature or call (916) 576-1977.