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The Jingle Lab creates award winning jingles, radio commercials and advertising that get RESULTS!  We're the experts at creating BRANDING SOLUTIONS that can increase recall of your brand up to 80% over traditional spoken word ads alone. The Jingle lab is not a large national company that cranks out jingles by the bucketful, we work more closely with you to create an amazing custom jingle that fits your branding needs and gets people singing your company name! Check out our client comments page! We also do creative, scripting, voice over and more. Ask your Rep for the BRANDING SOLUTIONS package from the Jingle Lab. Don't have a rep? Contact us directly at [email protected]  

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Auto Dealership Jingles

 The Maita Dealership group Jingle is one of many we have created over the years, includes an audio logo on the front of the commercial, energetic music for the ad copy, and a memorable singing jingle at the end!


Northridge Suits Pop Jingle sensation!

 This is our second Jingle for Northridge Suits, and it's designed to attract Milennials with a smooth vocal and pop dance beat. The campaign we created musically is all about wanting to be a Northridge Guy, or for women, date one! 


Telling a Brand Story in a Jingle

 Sometimes you need more than a snappy memorable branding jingle- you need to tell your BRAND STORY. One way is by creating a Jingle that tells it for you, but ALSO has a short snappy Jingle on the end that can be used for years after your story has been told, and for all types of media. Here's one of our Latest for Do it RIght Plumbing.

JR Putman Plumbing Heating and Air

 This well known Sacramento client has branded themselves with our "Mom Approved" Jingle- a  trademark concept since 2014- It's "Service so good, you'll send us to your Moms!"

80s style jingle for"The Blind Spot"

This client wanted an catchy 80s  "feel good" sound for their commercial jingle to connect with female consumers. The recall objective was to get consumers to remember  "The Blind spot" sells blinds and shutters, they offer great savings and a special guarantee.  Want to get started? Ask your sales or agency rep for more information, or click the "Get started" icon on the top of this page

Rancho Chevrolet is the One!

Rancho Chevrolet Jingle with plenty of music in the middle for the ad copy in their radio campaigns- full voice and music production by The Jingle Lab, LLC

Cosmetic Jingles

 "Let the new you shine through!" Words sung of positive encouragement with a positioning statement and a phone number or website address still work wonders!

Retail Jingle for Elliott's Fine Nutrition

 A staple of Retail in the greater Sacramento area for 66 years, we produced this jingle that people have sung at checkout stands!

Dance Beat Jingle for Insurance Company!

 This Jingle is an example of how we can style a modern Dance and Club Beat to target women, with this new Jingle!

Southern State Jingle Rocks!

A Jingle is the short song at the beginning or end of a commercial written to create incredible, easy to memorize branding for consumers. But sometimes, a Jingle can also tell a STORY, like this one for Southern State. We also do complete Ad Agency Service like Helping you build a fresh marketing campaign, we do your media buys and negotiate the best price for you, we write and produce your radio commercials-AND our digital division can IMPROVE your GOOGLE SEM, SEO, and more. Contact us today for Jingle and details on our Full Ad Agency service use our handy LIVE CHAT to get to us quickly!

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