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The Jingle Lab creates award winning jingles, radio commercials, and advertising that gets results! We’re the experts at creating branding solutions that increase the recall of your brand up to 80% over traditional spoken word ads alone. The Jingle Lab is not a large national company that churns out jingles by the bucketful – we’re a smaller, family owned company that will work closely with you to create an amazing custom jingle that fits your branding needs and gets people singing your company name. Alongside our jingles, we also do creative, scripting, voiceover work and more with our ad agency SGM Advertising. Check out our client testimonial page to hear some of our success stories, and visit our ad agency website to see how we manage complete marketing campaigns for clients that include media buys, creative and strategies to help you increase calls and new customers. Companies like Dutton Plumbing, JR Putman Heating and Air, and many more home services companies nationwide have seen great success using The Jingle Lab for their jingle, and SGM Advertising as their media ad agency. See more at www.sgmadvertising.com

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