Happy clients and better advertising through music-- with The Jingle Lab!

The Jingle Lab is a Radio, TV and Agency friendly company, with commission packages available for sellers and marketing professionals. We have custom sales packages available with no contact information other than our website, allowing you to create your own company cover pages and include us as an “Option” in your assets, or presentations.

Jingles from The Jingle Lab have been used by outside sellers/agencies to:

  • Provide better branding and production value to their client’s spot
  • Present a fresh idea to your client- using our assets and real success stories
  • Package an annual advertising plan with a jingle as signing bonus
  • Improve team sales with a package that is NOT available from the competition

Make Money while helping clients improve their brand. The Jingle Lab is an established company that has won numerous awards and has proven success with original custom Jingles.

You may have heard of some companies that travel from market to market, re-selling the same old dated jingle tracks from the 80s with new lyrics. At The Jingle Lab every jingle is original and created to meet your clients specific needs. We’ve partnered with talented musicians from across the country to create memorable jingles that clients LOVE and consumers REMEMBER.

For more information, click the contact us button and ask for more information about selling jingles, or call us and let’s talk about how we can help you improve sales. Call (916) 208-0860.

Happy clients and better advertising through music-- with The Jingle Lab!