The Jingle Lab

Founded by composer and musician Steve Garland, the Jingle Lab specializes in composing and producing commercial jingles for advertising. The Jingle Lab focuses on custom HIGH RECALL” jingles, the kind with a “catchy” melody and lyrics that people can remember easily. This creates a “Sticky brand”- a brand that Sticks with you. We have a strong track record of success helping businesses stand out among their competitors. We also are Radio and Agency friendly. Our experience  working with media groups allow us to work smoothly with direct clients, agencies and radio groups.

From retail stores to Credit Unions, Doctors to Casinos, Home Improvement to Home mortgages- we do it all. Our musical styles change to match the category and personality of the company.

The studio musicians at The Jingle Lab play a wide variety of instruments in order to create the perfect sound for all styles of jingles. From rock to pop, country to smooth jazz and all points in between, we have the musical depth to create a musical message that reflects your brands personality, and appeals to your target consumer.

The Jingle Lab Difference:

Many jingle companies use “pre-recorded” jingles and music tracks that have been sold from market to market for years. They re-sell these jingles, stripping the old vocals and re-selling them as new. These kind of jingles sound very generic, and are rarely successful in branding a client in the consumers mind. To consumers, these kind of jingles are like musical “wallpaper”. There’s no “Sticky” in their brand  

At The Jingle Lab, every jingle we produce is a new, custom, one-of-a-kind product for each client. We take the company’s objective, positioning statements, and personality, work with your preferred musical style and cook up a totally custom jingle. We’ve done rock, pop, country, orchestrated, and pure pop- the style matches the brand, the client, and often, people accept any style of music-so long as it’s memorable, because it’s a jingle! Our goal is to make a jingle for you that creates a musical connection with the consumer, building your company’s name and product into a jingle that sticks in their mind. That’s how we make your brand “Sticky”. When we DO re-use any jingle bed, it's one that has been freshly created, proven successful,  and may be used in a different unlicensed market.

About Steve:

Steve Garland is a musician and composer, with over 20 years in the many successful jingles now running across the country. Steve’s written and produced  jingles for clients like The Golden 1 Credit Union, the Oakland A’s and many more. Steve’s musical experience started as a touring musician, opening for acts as diverse as Chuck Berry, Eddie Money, Tower of Power and WAR.  As a veteran radio and marketing exec for over 20 years, Steve also understands how a jingle works within the structure of an ad campaign, and works closely with clients to understand their needs, and make sure they are satisfied with their jingle. In addition to the Jingle Lab, Steve continues to perform live for audiences around northern California, touring occasionally- most recently as opening act for WAR with a “Tribute to Santana” show.

Marketing and Musical Awards

  • Six GOLD "Best commercial" Addy Awards
  • Two SILVER "Best commercial" Addy Awards
  • Two "Most innovative marketing" Awards
  • Two President's awards for marketing excellence