You don't have to take our word for it...

Nothing sticks in the consumers mind better than a jingle. A good jingle can place your company's name "top of mind" faster than any other method. And no one tells the story better than our clients...

Musical tunes are especially powerful.  They have a way of getting stuck in your head.  So tying a tune to a brand, a name, a tag line, is hugely effective in marketing.  I never imagined my brand would have a tune, but Steve composed a catchy uplifting jingle to cement my tag line!  People tell me that they hear "my jingle" often!  It's outstanding and it's working!" -Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS

A customer came in and said they heard our commercial today and have been singing the jingle all day. I thought that was fantastic! Great job." -Dean Roberts, Owner, Pegasus Pest Control

Within a week of launching our Jingle, a car started waving to our service trucks at a red light. They rolled down their windows and a group of people started singing our new Rapid Rooter jingle to the driver! It was amazing how fast people started singing the jingle, and remembering our name. When total strangers start singing your company name - you know the advertising is working." -Sharon Blomquist, Rapid Rooter

Having a jingle for JR Putman Heating and Air has really improved our brand in the market. Our radio commercials really stand out, and we know people are remembering our name because of the jingle. When "JR Putman heating and air... come and rescue me!" plays on the radio, the phone rings! We're getting new customers every week, and we sound bigger than life, thanks to our jingle!" -Chris Van Dyke, JR Putman Heating and Air

Many thanks for our new Barebones Workwear Jingle, and the recent radio campaign. Every aspect of the copy, spots and jingle contributed to a very successful season. Your efforts, creativity and resourcefulness really paid off!" -Stu Nelson, Owner, Barebones Workwear