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The Jingle Lab creates award winning jingles, radio commercials and advertising that get RESULTS!  We're the experts at creating BRANDING SOLUTIONS that can increase recall of your brand up to 80% over traditional spoken word ads alone. The Jingle lab is not a large national company that cranks out jingles by the bucketful, we work more closely with you to create an amazing custom jingle that fits your branding needs and gets people singing your company name! Check out our client comments page! We also do creative, scripting, voice over and more. Ask your Rep for the BRANDING SOLUTIONS package from the Jingle Lab. Don't have a rep? Contact us directly at  

Message from the CEO


The Golden 1 Credit Union

The Golden 1 Credit Union has used The Jingle Lab to create the music and sound of their brand. We have voiced and produced their successful radio campaigns, and we partner with them on TV campaigns as well! The Jingle Lab's Steve Garland has been the Voice of the Golden 1 and through and Entercom Media has assisted with with media buys and digital marketing as well!  Contact us today for a wide range of media services.


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The Top Jingles of all time

Warning! Read this article at your own risk. You just might be singing these famous commercial jingles for the rest of the day! We all know plenty of commercial jingles from over the years that we just can't get out of our heads. Here's a few that are on the top of many all time jingle lists.  Considering most people can still remember these jingles after what must be at least 20 years, imagine how much product they sold!

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