Award winning Jingles, Radio Commercials and Advertising!

The Jingle Lab creates award winning jingles, radio commercials and advertising that get RESULTS!  We're the experts at creating BRANDING SOLUTIONS that can increase recall of your brand up to 80% over traditional spoken word ads alone. The Jingle lab is not a large national company that cranks out jingles by the bucketful, we work more closely with you to create an amazing custom jingle that fits your branding needs and gets people singing your company name! Check out our client comments page! We also do creative, scripting, voice over and more. Ask your Rep for the BRANDING SOLUTIONS package from the Jingle Lab. Don't have a rep? Contact us directly at  

Message from the CEO


Maita Auto Group

 Car and Truck Dealers- we've done lots of catchy Jingles for Chevy, Ford, and Independant dealerships, and can help you too! Here's a new Jingle we just produced for the prestigius Maita Auto Group. This is the SHORT radio commercial, the catchy vocals at the end are now played almost every 15 minutes on radio in Sacramento CA! Contact us today for help with your Auto Dealership Marketing!


Chevrolet Jingle drives customers to sing along!

 This Jingle for Rancho Chevrolet Cadillac has been helping their local radio listeners sing along, and sing their praises!

Dance Beat Jingle for Insurance Company!

 This Jingle is an example of how we can style a modern Dance and Club Beat to target women, with this new Jingle!

Retail Jingles for Radio and TV

 Here's our Jingle for Elliott's Fine Nutrition retail stores in Northern Califonia!


Comedy Jingle spikes brand recall!

 Who would sing a Holiday classic and turn it into a story about a backed up Toilet? We would. This is NOT the client's main Jingle (it appears at the end). This HOliday parody of an old classic was produced to spike their recall during the holidays, and after winning an ADDY Award for best Jingle of the year, we turned it into a TV commercial that ios now running in multiple markets, under different company names. This one is for our friends at DUTTON PLUMBING in the LA area.


Auto Dealership jingles

 We've produced several long lasting Jingles for Auto Dealers, here's one we did for Los Angeles Based Keyes Dealership- with a songwiters licensing deal with the Go-Gos. Other Auto Dealerships prefer a custom written Jingle or Audio Logo. We can help you develop a signature audio sound or Jingle to make your brand more memorable.

Home Improvement Jingles!

Nothing works better than a jingle to help consumers remember your brand. And if you're in the home improvement -and emergency service industry, Jingles are incredibly useful because you need your brand to be stuck in that consumers head when the heat or AC goes out! And that's what a good Jingle can do like no other type of advertising! Here's our Jingle for Pacific Aire, a great HVAC company- now playing on radio stations across Ventura county.

Rapid Rooter Jingle hits 20,000 AIrplays!

Congratulations to Rapid Rooter! Their Jingle re-branding campaign  is hitting an amazing 20,000 air plays in Sacramento. Consumers know it and even sing it to the plumbers!  Co-owner Sharon BLomquist says, "The branding power of our Jingle, is the single most successful Advertising strategy we've used since we opend our doors in 1974!  

Experts at jingles for Home Improvement

We do all types of jingles to get customers singing your company name, and we've done lots of catchy jingles to help Plumbing, Heating and Air, Electrical, Pest Control, builders, Contractors and more. Here's a recent one for Southern State Electric, that's running in radio and TV ads!


Nationwide Jingle for LoanMart

We've done several holiday themed Jingles, to tie a brand to a holiday theme and get consumers smiling, singing along, and memorizing YOUR BRAND!

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