Award winning Jingles, Radio Commercials and Advertising!

The Jingle Lab creates award winning jingles, radio commercials and advertising that get RESULTS!  We're the experts at creating BRANDING SOLUTIONS that can increase recall of your brand up to 80% over traditional spoken word ads alone. The Jingle lab is not a large national company that cranks out jingles by the bucketful, we work more closely with you to create an amazing custom jingle that fits your branding needs and gets people singing your company name! Check out our client comments page! We also do creative, scripting, voice over and more. Ask your Rep for the BRANDING SOLUTIONS package from the Jingle Lab. Don't have a rep? Contact us directly at  

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JR Putman Jingle and campaign

Although we focus on Jingles and  Radio Campaigns, our clients can also take our Jingles and audio production to TV. Here's one from JR Putman, watch for the Jingle and animation at the end, that gets stuck in your head. Very Simple, incredibly effective.


Northridge Suits Pop Jingle sensation!

 This is our second Jingle for Northridge Suits, and it's designed to attract Milennials with a smooth vocal and pop dance beat. The campaign we created musically is all about wanting to be a Northridge Guy, or for women, date one! 


The Golden 1 Credit Union

The Golden 1 Credit Union has used The Jingle Lab to create the music and sound of their brand. We have voiced and produced their successful radio campaigns, and we partner with them on TV campaigns as well! The Jingle Lab's Steve Garland has been the Voice of the Golden 1 and through and Entercom Media has assisted with with media buys and digital marketing as well!  Contact us today for a wide range of media services.


Dutton Plumbing's MOM Campaign (TM) Jingle Lab

 Here's a combination of our Jingle and Award winning Creative- Our MOM CALLING series of radio ads, created and produced by The Jingle Lab and media buys by SGM Advertising. We've won 2 industry ADDY AWARDS for best radio ad of the year! Fun, entertaining, and we get people to LOVE the brand- singing along and growing new customers for our client! Ask us about our jingles, radio production and full Ad Agency service today- use our handy LIVE CHAT and reach out for a free marketing consultation! 


Rapid Rooter Jingle runs over 10,000 times!

This Jingle at the end of this ad targeting women and promoting "Real Plumbers" at Rapid Rooter-has run over a 10,000 times in Sacramento since 2007!  Do you own a RAPID ROOTER? We've been doing Rapid Rooter Jingles and ad campaigns for years, and can help with yours. From Rapid Rooters, to Rooterman, you name it- contact us today for Jingles and complete Radio production, even MEDIA BUYS- through our other company- SGM  ADVERTISING. See more at 


Southern State Jingle Rocks!

A Jingle is the short song at the beginning or end of a commercial written to create incredible, easy to memorize branding for consumers. But sometimes, a Jingle can also tell a STORY, like this one for Southern State. We also do complete Ad Agency Service like Helping you build a fresh marketing campaign, we do your media buys and negotiate the best price for you, we write and produce your radio commercials-AND our digital division can IMPROVE your GOOGLE SEM, SEO, and more. Contact us today for Jingle and details on our Full Ad Agency service use our handy LIVE CHAT to get to us quickly!


Plumbing and AC Medic Campaign

Here's Plumbing and AC Medic's new radio campaign! The creative script, Call to action, voice actors, and catchy Jingle are all from The Jingle Lab and SGM Advertising, our mother ship! We're experts at Home Improvement Jingles, Radio campaigns- AND complete Ad Agency service like Media Buying, and Digital marketing that's run by the same team thatm runs your Radio and media campaigns! For more info on our full service Ad Agency visit or call us (916) 576-1977

Maita Auto Group

 Car and Truck Dealers- we've done lots of catchy Jingles for Chevy, Ford, and Independant dealerships, and can help you too! Here's a new Jingle we just produced for the prestigius Maita Auto Group. This is the SHORT radio commercial, the catchy vocals at the end are now played almost every 15 minutes on radio in Sacramento CA! Contact us today for help with your Auto Dealership Marketing!


Chevrolet Jingle drives customers to sing along!

 This Jingle for Rancho Chevrolet Cadillac has been helping their local radio listeners sing along, and sing their praises!

Dance Beat Jingle for Insurance Company!

 This Jingle is an example of how we can style a modern Dance and Club Beat to target women, with this new Jingle!

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